Agricultural crops

Today the majority of the farm's agricultural products are used for biogas production. Both maize and triticale are cut at wax maturity stage and form the bulk of the material fed into the biogas digester.

In full compliance with proper crop rotation practices, the triticale harvest is followed by a second crop of maize which is sown directly into the triticale stubble according to the sod-seeding or zero-tillage technique.

Organic crops are grown on approximately 30 hectares of land dedicated to organic production and provide the dry matter required for the poultry operation to be certified as organic (the code of practice states that at least 50 % of the fodder used to feed the 9000 hens must be produced on-site on organic land using organic production methods).

The permanent meadowland consists of around 10 hectares set aside for fodder production in the form of hay.