The right tyres can change everything


Tyres are the only point of contact between an agricultural machine and the soil. Because of this role, tyres have become critically important from several standpoints as farmers make ever higher demands on land and resources.

New Holland and Michelin: a winning team

That's why New Holland has chosen Michelin XeoBib tyres with Michelin Ultraflex low pressure technology to equip the T6 and T7 tractors in constant use on the “La Bellotta” farm as well as the top-of-the-range T8 and T9 tractor models for large-scale agriculture.

Soil conservation

The soil is the most precious capital asset for farmers. With their increasing complexity and weight, modern agricultural machines can easily form deep ruts in soft and moist terrain causing compaction that damages the soil structure by reducing air and water circulation. This leads to less healthy crops with a consequent reduction of yields.

Lower fuel consumption

A decrease in the fuel consumption of tractors and agricultural machines, combined with an extension of working life, allows farmers to boost global profitability. Comparative field tests performed by Michelin in collaboration with New Holland have shown fuel savings of 15% when using agricultural tyres featuring Michelin Ultraflex technology and inflation pressure of 0.7 bar.

New technology provides a concrete and efficient answer

Thanks to exclusive cutting-edge technologies, tyres of the latest generation deliver very high load-carrying capacity – even at low inflation pressure and regardless of working speed. Michelin's Ultraflex technology tyres are designed to operate at lower inflation pressures (in compliance with the maker's specifications), while increased flexion offers greater sidewall flexibility that gives the tyre a much bigger footprint that makes for more traction thanks to a reduction in wheel slip. The result is a significant reduction in working times, lower fuel consumption, and less soil compaction.